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How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby – Naturally – 5 Simple Steps

Choose The Sex of Your Baby The Natural Way

One of life’s biggest miracles has to be bringing a child into the world, and while many may argue that gender is not a factor, provided the baby is healthy, there are some couples who have their hearts set on having a little girl or boy. In saying that, however, is there a way to predetermine the sex of an unborn child? In this article, we take a closer look at this topic, examining what is real versus what is, by and large, wishful thinking.

How to Choose The Gender of Your Baby Naturally

According to rbmojournal.com, an online resource covering topics related to biological and clinical research on human reproduction, your diet can play a significant role in not only your baby’s health but also their sex. For example, it has been shown that diet rich in magnesium and calcium, while low in sodium and potassium, can increase your chances of having a girl. Similar findings were also shown amongst those who added acidic foods to their diet, primarily blueberries, pomegranates, and other fruits with have levels of acidity. As far as improving the odds of conceiving a baby boy, the study found that eating foods rich in potassium could put the odds in your favor. Along with potassium, foods containing alkaline were considered to be similarly beneficial with respect to choosing the sex of your baby naturally.

Pick Baby Gender With Creative Sex Positions

Although this may make many of us blush, studies have shown that specific sex positions, along with the time of intercourse, can play a role in whether we conceive a boy or a girl. It should be noted that there is no scientific data to substantiate these claims, but many believe that sexual positions and shallow penetration are the keys to conceiving a baby girl.

How does this work, exactly? It is believed that shallow penetrations will allow sperm to settle closest to the entrance of the vagina where acidity levels are highest. This combination has been said to improve the odds of having a girl over a boy. Conversely, deeper penetrations with sperm being deposited closer to the cervix can improve the chances of having a boy.

Is Choosing The Sex of Baby All About Timing?

While choosing the right position can increase the odds of having a boy or girl, the time that you have sex can be equally important. For example, having sex around ovulation can increase your chances of having a boy while having sex several days out from ovulation means you’re more likely to conceive a girl.

Can You Plan The Gender of Your Baby With Artificial Insemination

Artificial insemination may be the closest we can get to ever choosing the sex of a baby naturally; with nascent technology called “Micro Sort,” sperm cells are separated based on X and Y chromosomes, meaning couple now have more say in the gender of their baby. How does this new technology work? Once prospective parents pick from an assortment of X or Y chromosomes, the sperms cells are then inserted via in vitro fertilization or intrauterine insemination.

Fate Versus Choosing Sex of Baby Naturally

When it’s all said and done, there are things that we can do to stack the proverbial cards in our favor, but there is no definitive answer when it comes the age-old question of how to choose the sex of your baby naturally. It often comes down to luck and, maybe to a lesser degree, what the universe has in store for you. Can you plan the gender of your baby? As detailed throughout this article, the answer is yes and no; however, there is a lot that you can do to ensure your baby is born healthy. How to choose the sex of your baby is a question that will continually be asked until science catches up with our desire to be parents.

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