help a loving family through embryo donation

Embryo Donation

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Help another loving family realize their dream of parenthood.

Helping Others Through Donating Embryos

Many individuals and couples who fight infertility find hope in realizing their dreams of parenthood through embryo adoption. We at Advanced Fertility Care understand that Donating Couples/Individuals do not reach the decision of embryo donation lightly. It is our goal to ensure the donation process is as informative and streamlined as possible. We greatly appreciate your compassionate and caring gift and are grateful to be your partner in continuing the joy of a family for others.

Anonymous Embryo Donation Program

Here at Advanced Fertility Care we have an anonymous Embryo Donation Program. Donating individuals or couples will submit a questionnaire listing pertinent medical/genetic information as well as some basic physical characteristics that will be provided to interested recipients. There is no compensation for embryo donation; rather we are providing an alternative to discarding embryos or donating to research or science. Prior to embryo selection, embryo donation recipients will receive psychological and medical evaluations to ensure that the selected embryos will be going to a safe and caring home.

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What to Expect During the Embryo Donation Process

Once you have had your initial consultation (either in person or over the phone) with the physician or embryologist, and have been approved to proceed with the embryo donation process, you will be specifically instructed by our staff to complete our online Donor Questionnaire by clicking here:


Once your questionnaire has been received and reviewed, you will receive a call from Advanced Fertility Care to schedule an in-person and/or telephone appointment to ensure completion of any remaining steps in the process, including signing of final transfer consent forms indicating completion of the process. We will mail or email you a complete packet of information and resources relating to embryo donation. Read our Embryo Donation Checklist that outlines the entire process of donation.

Help a loving family grow by donating your excess embryos. Get started today.



Please note, you will continue to be responsible for any annual storage fees due for your embryos until the final consent forms are signed and executed, thereby transferring possession of the embryos to our facility.

We may accept qualifying cryopreserved donated embryos from other ART programs, at its sole discretion. All transport and handling fees will be paid by the adopting couple. The Donating Parents will NOT be compensated for their “donation”. If you know someone who does not want to use their cryopreserved embryos but does not feel comfortable destroying them or donating them within their own community, please have them visit to consider our Embryo Donation Program. It is also important to note that Advanced Fertility Care reserves the right to refuse donation of embryos either from AFC patients or those created elsewhere.

Embryo Adoption Resources

  • Patient Info Sheet on Embryo Donation (PDF)
  • Embryo Recipients Screening Checklist (PDF)
  • RESOLVE Myth and Facts on Embryo Donation (PDF)
  • ASRM Embryo Donation Fact Sheet (PDF)
  • TIME Magazine article: Get Used to Embryo Adoption

Additional Resources & Information