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gestational Surrogacy

Gestational Surrogacy

Build your family through IVF with gestational surrogacy

Many families realize their dreams of parenthood through IVF with gestational surrogacy. At Advanced Fertility Care, our knowledgeable team is here to guide and support you every step of the gestational surrogacy journey. Many gestational surrogacy journeys may also include the help of an egg donor, which can be chosen from our Donor Egg program.

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FAQs on Gestational Surrogacy.

How are Gestational Carriers Recruited?

Advanced Fertility Care can refer interested candidates to experienced and reputable attorneys and agencies that are equipped to recruit gestational carriers and provide all the legal counseling and contracts necessary. In addition, there are some non-agency options and websites where intended gestational carriers offer their services to the public. Prospective carriers and intended parents meet in order to determine compatibility and if they decide to work together, a legal and binding contract will be drawn up at that time by an attorney. All gestational carriers and Intended Parents must seek legal counsel, even when they are using a family member or friend as the gestational carrier. All parties must seek legal counsel before a cycle can commence, regardless of the relationship.

Who can benefit from a Gestational Carrier?

A gestational carrier is required for any couple in which a partner cannot carry the pregnancy themselves. This may include LGBTQ+ families and other and couples with health conditions that may prevent a successful pregnancy. Conditions may include having their uterus surgically removed such as in the case of cervical or uterine cancer, fibroids, severe endometriosis, or any other conditions requiring a hysterectomy. In other cases, the woman may have her uterus intact, however, the uterus may be nonfunctional. This may be the result of scarring from prior surgeries or infections. As long as the ovaries are intact and functional, there is a good possibility that eggs may be retrieved, fertilized in the lab with the partner or donor’s sperm to create embryos, and the embryos may then be placed into the uterus of the gestational carrier.

What is the Difference Between A Gestational Carrier and a Traditonal Surrogate?

The terminology between a gestational carrier and a surrogate can be confusing. A traditional  surrogate is a woman who not only carries a pregnancy for a couple, but uses her own egg as the genetic material. In these cases, the fetus is genetically linked to the surrogate. Traditional surrogacy is not legally permitted in the State of Arizona. A gestational carrier is a woman who has an embryo transferred into her uterus, becomes pregnant, carries a fetus throughout a pregnancy and delivers the child for another couple. A donated egg may also be used with a gestational carrier in the event a woman cannot produce her own eggs. In either scenario, the gestational carrier has no genetic link to the fetus she is carrying as the embryo is derived from the couple or in some cases a separate donor egg and/or sperm are warranted.

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“Just a tiny token of appreciation. We are so grateful to have benefitted from the wonderful job each of you do! You took such great care of us, and we are so thankful! We’ll see you again in the future for a sibling 🙂”

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“Thank you to Dr Zoneraich, Dr Larsen & everyone at Advanced Fertility care for helping to bring our little miracle into the world! We are so grateful to have this wonderful child in our lives & it would not be possible without your expertise and care. We are so happy and feel incredibly blessed… Thank you!”

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“We cannot say enough about AFC. We started our infertility journey at another practice and had a horrible experience. After starting with AFC, everything changed. Dr. Larsen took time to listen and was truly aware of our needs and feelings. We cannot thank him enough. We have a beautiful son and are over the moon.“

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“Thank you for all you have done for us, you are an amazing group of people and we couldn’t be happier that we chose you to take us through this process.”

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“Thank you so much for making our dreams come true. We feel so lucky for the blessing that you made possible. We couldn’t have picked a better team to work with.”

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“There are no words to truly express how much we appreciated your kindness during our time working with you. You are truly in our hearts each time we look at our son. Thank you.”

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"My wife and I have been trying for over six years to start a family, starting with trying naturally of course, IUI, IVF, and 3 transfers prior to meeting with Dr.Z and the Advanced Fertility team. We wanted to give it one more shot and were lucky enough to have a family friend offer to be a carrier, as well as try one more time with my wife as well. We felt very comfortable right off the bat. We had worked with 2 other fertility centers in Phoenix and Scottsdale prior. This team made us feel welcome and laid out a game plan and set our expectations and were very clear and realistic. Our wait times were non existent compared to another major facility where we did our first IVF, their avg wait 30-60 mins. We were not sold or told that they guaranteed to fill our house with kids like we heard verbatim at other establishments."

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"We wanted to introduce you to our little miracle baby girl. She has blessed us in so many ways already. We want to say thank you to everyone at the office. You were all great during every step. You made IVF seem not so intimidating and then when we found out we were pregnant between treatments you were with us from the beginning until we saw her little heartbeat on ultrasound. A “BIG” thank you to Dr Z. You are great and so personable. You all can expect to see us again in a year or so."

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"We cannot say enough about AFC. We started our infertility journey at another practice and had a horrible experience. After starting with AFC, everything changed. Dr. Larsen took time to listen and was truly aware of our needs and feelings. We cannot thank him enough. We have a beautiful son and are over the moon."

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"We’ve been on our infertility journey since 2009. Advanced Fertility Care is the 4th fertility Drs office we went to. We LOVE them! I will never go anywhere else. They are the whole package. In our early experiences with other offices, we found the hands off approach frustrating. We saw Drs at consultations but all treatments and ultrasounds were done by nurse practitioners. Decisions were frequently made by nurse practitioners. We thought this was normal care – it’s not! I have never been seen by a nurse practitioner at Advanced Fertility Care."