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Our Long-Term Storage

Our State-of-the-Art frozen egg & Embryo Storage Solution

Together, Advanced Fertility Care and TMRW are raising the standard of care.

Through our partnership with Pinnacle Fertility and TMRW Life Sciences, our patients benefit from access to the highest standard of care available in frozen egg and embryo storage and management at a state of the art Biorepository (BioR) powered by TMRW in Boulder, Colorado.

This strategic alliance underscores our commitment to offering our patients the most advanced solutions available in the field of reproductive medicine. TMRW automates the frozen egg and embryo management and storage process, replacing manual systems with modern technology that helps reduce the risk of mix-up, error and loss. TMRW's automated platform reduces potential points of failure by 94% compared to manual storage systems.

Safeguarding Life's Most Precious Cells

TMRW Life Sciences is a fertility technology company automating the IVF lab starting with the world's first and only automated platforms for the safe management and storage of frozen eggs and embryos. For the first time, frozen specimens can be digitally identified and tracked, safely managed with automated robotics, and remotely monitored around the clock. TMRW's next-generation technology platforms set a new standard of care, reducing potential points of failure by 94% compared to manual systems. TMRW delivers peace of mind by helping reduce the risk of specimen mix-up, damage, or loss.

AFC Powered by TMRW Fast Facts

What is AFC & Pinnacle's Long-Term Storage Powered by TMRW?

Advanced Fertility Care (AFC), a Pinnacle Fertility clinic, is partnering with TMRW Life Sciences (TMRW) to provide patients with a state-of-the-art frozen egg and embryo Biorepository (BioR) in Boulder, Colorado.

Why is AFC utilizing TMRW for long-term storage?

To meet the growing needs of our patients, we are upgrading our storage systems to the latest technology available- the world’s first and only automated platform for the safe management and storage of frozen specimens, delivering peace of mind with next-generation technology and and helping to reduce the risk of specimen error, mix-up, and loss.

As a patient, do I need to take any action regarding this transition?

Moving your frozen specimens requires no action from you, and your annual storage fees will not change.

If you do not want your specimen to be sent to TMRW BioR, please email storage@azfertility.com to opt-out. The new on-site price will be reflected on your next storage bill.

Powered by TMRW Life Sciences

AFC Long Term Storage  FAQ

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What is TMRW?

TMRW Life Sciences (TMRW) is a fertility technology company that safeguards frozen eggs, embryos, and sperm (specimens). TMRW created the world’s first and only automated platform for the safe management and storage of specimens. TMRW's next-generation technology delivers peace of mind by helping to reduce the risk of specimen errors, mix-ups, and loss.

What is cryostorage?

Storage of "frozen" specimens at very low temperatures using cryopreservation.

Why are you sending my specimen(s) to TMRW’s long-term Biorepository (BioR)?

Through our network, Pinnacle Fertility, we’ve forged a partnership with TMRW Life Sciences to utilize their long-term cryopreservation platform. To meet the growing needs of our patients and continue to store your specimen safely and securely, we are upgrading our long-term storage systems with the latest technology available from TMRW.

Who is legally responsible for the our frozen embryos/oocytes/sperm shipment from and to the Clinic IVF Lab, and during the storage?

TMRW Life Sciences is fully and legally responsible for your frozen embryos/oocytes/sperm while in transit from and to the IVF Lab, and while in storage with them. They have ongoing commitment to meet our patients' expanding needs and to ensure the safe and secure storage of your specimens.

What is unique about the long-term cryostorage powered by TMRW?

TMRW’s automated storage systems set a new standard of care for the secure identification, tracking, monitoring, and safekeeping of specimens.

What is the TMRW automated storage platform?

TMRW created the world’s first and only integrated and automated platform for the safe storage and management of frozen eggs, embryos, and sperm. TMRW’s platform provides:

  • Digital identification using barcodes and radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology
  • Digital logs and tracking systems with triple redundancy and an unbreakable chain of custody within the platform
  • Storage tanks that are automatically checked and refilled with liquid nitrogen 
  • 24/7 monitoring using real-time data analytics and systems that notify the TMRW support team of any changes

How is the Biorepository (BioR) staffed?

It is staffed by TMRW cryostorage experts and embryologists with extensive training in handling frozen specimens.

Is it safe to move my eggs, embryos, and/or sperm?

Yes, the process of transporting frozen specimens between our clinical site and storage facilities is a standard practice in the fertility industry. All handling and transport are carried out by trained personnel who adhere to the highest industry standards. 

Where is TMRW’s long-term Biorepository (BioR) located?

It is in Boulder, Colorado.

Is Colorado a “safe” state to store my specimens?

Signed into law on April 4th, 2022, The Reproductive Health Equity Act (HB22-1279) states

“Every individual has a fundamental right to use or refuse contraception; every pregnant individual has a fundamental right to continue the pregnancy and give birth or to have an abortion; and a fertilized egg, embryo, or fetus does not have independent or derivative rights under the laws of the state.”

In Colorado, any and all decisions about your reproductive care, including what happens to your eggs and/or embryos, remain yours to make.

How are specimens prepared and transported to an off-site location?

Advanced Fertility Care will work closely with TMRW to prepare and transfer your cryopreserved eggs, embryos, and/or sperm. At AFC, your specimens, with their original labels, will be placed into a new TMRW container (called a CryoBeacon) with digital identification (RFID) assigned only to you. These containers will be packaged into liquid nitrogen-cooled transport tanks and transferred to the long-term Biorepository (BioR) powered by TMRW in Boulder, Colorado. Upon arrival, the CryoBeacons will have their RFID tags scanned and then will be placed into the TMRW storage system.

Who covers the cost of shipping?

Advanced Fertility Care covers the transportation costs for your specimens to and from the long-term Biorepository (BioR).

Will I have to pay extra for storage at this BioR? 

No, your current storage fee includes the cost of storage in our designated long-term Biorepository (BioR).

If you are choosing to keep your specimen at the clinic the new storage fee will be applied at your next bill.

Will my eggs, embryos, or sperm be thawed during the transfer process? 

No, all specimens are transferred in cryogenic tanks specifically designed to keep them frozen in transit.  TMRW uses temperature monitoring to ensure that samples remain at safe cryogenic temperatures throughout the transfer process. 

Will my samples be relabeled?

No, the original label placed on your specimens will remain. An embryologist at your clinic will identify each specimen as they are assigned to your unique TMRW container (CryoBeacon). Each CryoBeacon has a unique digital ID specific to you and will be used to track your specimens at all times.

What happens when my specimens arrive at the long-term Biorepository (BioR)?

Once the CryoBeacon with your specimen(s) (and your unique digital ID) is received by the team, it is scanned and checked into the TMRW system for storage.

This activity is digitally recorded and attached to each specimen’s record - ensuring visibility, traceability, and accountability for your specimens. Your clinic can view all the patient’s specimens through an electronic medical record system.

Will my specimens be stored with other patients’ specimens? 

Your specimens are in a CryoBeacon that is unique to you and no other patient's specimens will be in your container(s). These containers are stored in a large storage tank that stores multiple CryoBeacons that hold other patients’ specimens, which is standard industry practice.

How will my clinic know if my specimen is stored on- or off-site? 

Both AFC’s electronic medical record system and TMRW’s software will reflect the real-time location of the inventory of all cryopreserved specimens stored at the offsite B. The storage location will also be reflected on any other inventory system of record maintained by our laboratory staff.

Who has access to AFC’s long-term cryostorage?

Only authorized TMRW personnel are allowed inside the secured facilities to maintain specimen safety. 

What happens if I need my fertility specimens for IVF treatment?

Your clinic will electronically request that the specimens be transported back to the clinic in time for your procedure. TMRW’s team  will coordinate everything with your clinic on your behalf. There is no charge for shipping your specimens back.

What should I do if I plan to start treatment soon?

If you are planning on restarting treatment within 3 months from receiving notice of the transition, please notify your Navigator. We have an efficient process for retrieving samples from the BioR and will ensure to have them available for your treatment.

What if I want to ship my samples to another facility at a future date?

Your clinic will work with TMRW to prepare the necessary documentation for your receiving clinic and will work with the transport company of your choice to facilitate the transport.

Who is impacted by this transition?

All patients who have had specimens in storage for more than one year or who are not in an active cycle at our clinic will have their specimens safely stored at our long-term cryostorage provider. Patients who choose to have us maintain storage of their specimens at our onsite laboratory will have an increased cost for on-site long-term storage. The new cost for on-site storage with AFC is $1140 per year. This will be reflected on your next renewal date and transitioned to auto-billing.

If patients don't wish to have their specimens moved or wish to move them elsewhere, they may ship them to another facility upon request.

How will our embryos be transported to the long-term Biorepository (BioR) powered by TMRW?

At the clinic, specimens, with their original labels, will be placed into new TMRW containers with a radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag. These containers will be safely transferred to  the long-term Biorepository (BioR) using vapor-cooled tanks, tracked every step of the way. Upon receipt at the Biorepository (BioR), they will be placed into TMRW’s automated storage system. Our electronic medical record system will reflect the location and status of the specimen inventory in your medical record.

Who do I contact for more information?

Patients can reach out to our Long-Term Storage Transition Team via storage@azfertility.com or (480) 874-2229, press 7.

If patients wish to opt-out of sending their specimen(s) to the BioR, they need to submit notice no later than 30 days after receiving the initial notice.

Where can I learn more about TMRW?

Find more information about our partner, TMRW Life Sciences (TMRW)  in these resources:

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“Just a tiny token of appreciation. We are so grateful to have benefitted from the wonderful job each of you do! You took such great care of us, and we are so thankful! We’ll see you again in the future for a sibling 🙂”

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“Thank you to Dr Zoneraich, Dr Larsen & everyone at Advanced Fertility care for helping to bring our little miracle into the world! We are so grateful to have this wonderful child in our lives & it would not be possible without your expertise and care. We are so happy and feel incredibly blessed… Thank you!”

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“We cannot say enough about AFC. We started our infertility journey at another practice and had a horrible experience. After starting with AFC, everything changed. Dr. Larsen took time to listen and was truly aware of our needs and feelings. We cannot thank him enough. We have a beautiful son and are over the moon.“

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“Thank you for all you have done for us, you are an amazing group of people and we couldn’t be happier that we chose you to take us through this process.”

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“There are no words to truly express how much we appreciated your kindness during our time working with you. You are truly in our hearts each time we look at our son. Thank you.”

Testimonial 04

"My wife and I have been trying for over six years to start a family, starting with trying naturally of course, IUI, IVF, and 3 transfers prior to meeting with Dr.Z and the Advanced Fertility team. We wanted to give it one more shot and were lucky enough to have a family friend offer to be a carrier, as well as try one more time with my wife as well. We felt very comfortable right off the bat. We had worked with 2 other fertility centers in Phoenix and Scottsdale prior. This team made us feel welcome and laid out a game plan and set our expectations and were very clear and realistic. Our wait times were non existent compared to another major facility where we did our first IVF, their avg wait 30-60 mins. We were not sold or told that they guaranteed to fill our house with kids like we heard verbatim at other establishments."

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"We wanted to introduce you to our little miracle baby girl. She has blessed us in so many ways already. We want to say thank you to everyone at the office. You were all great during every step. You made IVF seem not so intimidating and then when we found out we were pregnant between treatments you were with us from the beginning until we saw her little heartbeat on ultrasound. A “BIG” thank you to Dr Z. You are great and so personable. You all can expect to see us again in a year or so."

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"We cannot say enough about AFC. We started our infertility journey at another practice and had a horrible experience. After starting with AFC, everything changed. Dr. Larsen took time to listen and was truly aware of our needs and feelings. We cannot thank him enough. We have a beautiful son and are over the moon."

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"We’ve been on our infertility journey since 2009. Advanced Fertility Care is the 4th fertility Drs office we went to. We LOVE them! I will never go anywhere else. They are the whole package. In our early experiences with other offices, we found the hands off approach frustrating. We saw Drs at consultations but all treatments and ultrasounds were done by nurse practitioners. Decisions were frequently made by nurse practitioners. We thought this was normal care – it’s not! I have never been seen by a nurse practitioner at Advanced Fertility Care."