Rebecca Stones, Ph.D., HCLD | Embryology Lab Director

Laboratory Director


Rebecca Stones

Rebecca Stones, a Ph.D. holder and HCLD-certified professional, heads the Advanced Fertility Care embryology lab as our Laboratory Director. With a BSc from The University of Manchester in England obtained in 1995 and a Ph.D. earned in 1999, she boasts over two decades of expertise in Clinical Assisted Reproduction across three continents.

Having served at ORM Fertility in Portland, Oregon, for 20 years as part of the Pinnacle Fertility network, Rebecca's reputation as an exceptional scientist precedes her. She combines her extensive knowledge and experience with a jovial personality and a passion for continuous learning and growth in the ever-evolving field of assisted reproduction technology.

Aside from her professional achievements, Rebecca is a mother to two teenage sons and enjoys reading, painting, and gardening. She also doubles as a health coach, inspiring and guiding individuals to reach their full potential through education and positive messaging.

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