There is hope. Are you ready to make your miracle happen?

IVF Success Rates: Why They Matter

Success rates are a tricky subject. Many patients believe that all fertility clinics are the same. They choose a doctor based on which office is closest to their home or where their friend went. They fail to do any research, and can wind up wasting significant amounts of time and money.

Our IVF Success Rates Are EXCELLENT!

success_rates_graphic At Advanced Fertility Care, we are proud of our consistently high success rates. We focus all of our marketing initiatives on educating patients on success rates and how to research success rates. We try to be as transparent as possible and make it as easy as we can to help you see what your chances of being successful would be in our clinic, without being misleading in any way.

We STRONGLY encourage all patients to follow the links below and visit one or all of the websites dedicated to helping you really compare report cards for the various fertility centers. If you go through in vitro fertilization, you need assurance that you have the highest chance of achieving your goal of bringing a new life into your family. Spending just 15 minutes doing your own research on the CDC (Center for Disease Control) website and SART (Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology) website will provide you with the tools to make a truly educated decision about your care. Each of these websites have their own way of reporting outcome data for treatment cycles, and each has their own advantages and disadvantages. We encourage you to look at both websites to get as accurate of a picture as you can. We are confident that after you see the facts, you will then come back to us for your care.

How Do We Achieve Such High Results?

Many patients ask us how we consistently achieve such high results. Here are a few of the key reasons:

  • Tight quality control throughout the entire process, especially in our laboratory procedures
  • A smaller, more personalized clinic where we can focus on each patient as an individual, instead of herding patients through IVF without regard to their unique situation
  • We use the latest technology in our office and in our lab; we have an unparalleled commitment to air quality control, which has a direct impact on the quality of our patients’ embryos
  • Strong commitment to ongoing learning and continuous improvement – we never rest on our past success

The ultimate goal is to help couples to conceive. To work toward this end, our highly skilled team works diligently to stay on top of quality control. We make every effort to continually improve our knowledge base and our methods.

How to increase your chance for having a successful outcome?

The best way to maximize your chances of being successful with IVF is by having the procedures done at a high-quality IVF program. There are important differences in success rates between clinics. For example, if you go to the CDC (or SART) site, you will find clinics with IVF live birth success rates ranging from below 25% to over 50% per egg retrieval procedure for women under age 35.

We See All Patients

  • We accept any and all patients that call us needing help with fertility. There is no pre-screening to become a patient at Advanced Fertility Care.
  • All patients are given full access to all treatment options based on their situation and their medical needs.
  • We do not have a cutoff for pre-IVF testing that would preclude anyone from attempting pregnancy with IVF using their own eggs. Therefore, our success rates are not “cherry picked” and would be reflective of the average success rate in our clinic for ALL patients in that age group.

As a clinic with high success rates, we encourage you to do your research. We are not afraid to have you see how well we do. We think you’ll feel the same after examining the data!

There is hope. Are you ready to make your miracle happen?