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Similar to embryos, sperm can also be frozen for potential future use. At Advanced Fertility Care we offer sperm cryopreservation services to our patients as well as to those referred to us for fertility preservation.

Reasons to freeze sperm may include:


  • Logistical considerations: If the male partner will not be in town at the time of planned IUI or IVF cycle
  • Poor sperm quality and/or quanitity: If previous semen analysis samples cause concern as to having enough sperm for future fertility treatment, we often recommend freezing multiple sperm samples for future use with either IUI or more techniques like IVF with ICSI for which relatively few numbers of sperm are needed.
  • Ejaculatory dysfunction: For some men, the pressure of producing a specimen on a certain day and time may cause performance issues resulting in a situation where the woman is ready for insemination or eggs have been harvested by IVF and the male is unable to produce sperm. This issue occurs more readily in males over the age of 50, however, can happen to anyone. If there is any concern or history of ejaculatory dysfunction, we recommend freezing sperm prior to treatment.
  • Fertility Preservation: Advanced Fertility Care belongs to the LIVESTRONG program which was created to serve patients diagnosed with cancer who wish to preserve their fertility prior to undergoing toxic treatments such as chemotherapy. We also receive self referrals and referrals from oncologists. For these patients, our andrology laboratory will perform the initial analysis and freezing process, however, these specimens will be immediately shipped to a separate long term storage facility.
While we do offer sperm cryopreservation services, Advanced Fertility Care IS NOT a sperm bank and we do not pay for nor do we accept sperm donations from the general public except for the reasons mentioned above.

There is hope. Are you ready to make your miracle happen?