Infertility treatments have become popular for a few years now, and there are medical treatments that can increase the possibility of having twins soon as the IVF is administered. IVF helps in increasing the chances of a woman to have children after she has tried for a long time. The medical procedure is done when the doctor places the embryo in the woman’s uterus where it will implant and grow. In this case, this article is about increasing the chances of twins with ivf. To increase the chances of the ivf twins percentage, the medical procedure is done when more than two embryos are put in during IVF. It thereby increases the chance of having IVF twins.

How to increase the chances of having twins

IVF twins percentage in 2013 increased to 40% after most IVF pregnancies resulted in multiple births. There is a new improved technique done with genetically normal embryos that have increased the ivf and twins statistics to 60%. The IVF twin rate has gradually been on the rise with more couples wanting twins. To increase the chances of having twins with IVF, fertility drugs designed to increase fertility are used to boost the number of eggs produced by the ovaries. This leads to more eggs being produced in time and fertilized if it occurs at the same time leading to fraternal twins. The IVF and twins statistics are on an all-time high because in the past when two or three embryos were transferred, the rate of twin pregnancy came to 40%. The implantation rate is at 90% meaning the implantation gives a higher rate in the ability to have twins.

Age and the Chance of Having Twins After 30

The ivf twins rate increases when women is in her late thirties. They are said to have a great chance in making this happen. This is because they are susceptible to release more than one egg than younger women during ovulation.

In Vitro Fertilization Cost

So, how much is ivf? IVf costs over $ 11,750 with other fees included. The $ 11,750 caters for the single cycle self-pay where there are monitoring and care during treatment with transfer procedures and retrieval of the frozen embryo as part of the package. The other additional fees come from frozen cycle medications, annual specimen storage fee, and fresh cycle medications and other IVF fees. In a total, the procedure needs an average total of $ 27,000. The benefits of the procedure however surpass the questions regarding how much does invitro cost.

Options to Have Twins With IVF

1. Fertility drugs

Fertility drugs are used to trigger the release of the eggs during the ovulation cycle. These drugs are one of the options that increase IVF chances of having twins.

2. IUI (Intrauterine insemination)

This is when the sperm is placed into the uterus with a syringe. When combined with a fertility drug, this method will enable one to conceive multiples.

History of multiples in your family

When either you or your partner have twins in your respective families, the chances of getting twins is higher. It’s mostly higher when the woman’s side has fraternal twins in her family. This is because they inherit the gene that makes them release an egg at a time.

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