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While they are reimbursed for their time and effort, most women’s decision to become a donor is born of a desire to help another woman and her partner achieve their dream of parenthood. The majority of egg donor cycles performed at Advanced Fertility Care are “anonymous” or “unknown”. Our unknown donors come to us through various sources, mostly through advertising in local papers and through word of mouth. Every potential donor undergoes an intensive medical and psychological screening process before she is accepted into our program.

Donor Candidates

Any woman between the ages of 19-29 who is healthy and has a healthy family history may be initially considered for egg donation. All egg donor candidates must complete an extensive medical history and genetic questionnaire that is reviewed by our staff.

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We are continually recruiting potential donors and matching qualified donors with recipients. We have a large number of egg donors to select; including donors of various ethnicities.

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Choosing Your Donor Option

  • Unknown Donor: Most women opt to undergo the egg donation process as unknown donors. Their identity remains anonymous throughout the whole donor process. The majority of women who donate their eggs anonymously are “recruited” donors.
  • AFC Shared Unknown Donor: To help reduce costs for recipients, Advanced Fertility Care is willing on most donors to “Share” the donor with the recipient. The donor would undergo an egg retrieval, and half the eggs would be used to create embryos for you. The other half of the eggs would be frozen for other couples looking to do a frozen donor egg IVF cycle in the future. There are certain criteria that must be met in order for a cycle to be shared and this can be discussed with Advanced Fertility Care Physicians or one of our donor coordinators.
  • Known Donor: Some couples will elect to use a relative such as a sister, cousin, friend, or others close to a recipient to assist them with this process. In addition: Some recipients who are looking for a specific requirement that is not commonly found will sometimes opt to “self recruit” an egg donor by searching out prospective donors on their own. Regardless of the source, all donors are subject to the rigorous diagnostic testing required of our unknown donors.

There is hope. Are you ready to make your miracle happen?