become an egg donor

make up to $30,000

Plan for your future while helping a hopeful family blossom.

In less than 6 weeks, you could earn up to $5,000 by donating your eggs. The best part is you’ll be making parenthood possible for a deserving couple. You can donate up to six times and make up to $30,000. 

Fulfill your dream and theirs! Applying to become an egg donor is easy. Complete a quick online application to get started.

Four Truths About Egg Donation at Advanced Fertility Care

Donating your eggs won’t affect your future fertility.

You’ll receive the highest level of personalized care and a Donor Coordinator will guide you every step of the way.

You don't have to wait to get paid.

Receive compensation immediately upon successful completion of the egg retrieval, not based on if your sample gets chosen.

Egg donation is extremely low risk.

 Even so, we ensure that every one of our donors is covered with health insurance during their participation in our program.

Your donation will positively impact lives.

That includes your own! You’ll get insight into your own fertility health as well as an extra income to make your dreams a reality.

“From the moment you walk in everyone is friendly and so helpful. Dr. Larsen is great, he explains everything thoroughly and takes care of all your concerns.” -KIMBERLY

Who Qualifies to Become an Egg Donor?

  • Healthy female, age 19-30

  • Lives within the Phoenix Metropolitan Area

  • Must have readily available and reliable transportation to our office

  • Non-smoker

  • No current use of psychoactive or recreational drugs

  • No history of substance abuse

  • Must not have been diagnosed with Chlamydia or Gonorrhea within the last year

  • Must be responsible and able to follow directions

  • Must meet height and weight requirements - Check out our chart below:

Advanced Fertility BMI Chart

now accepting new donors

Egg donation is a rewarding experience for both you and a deserving couple.
If you meet all of these criteria, please start the application process now!
You could earn $5k in less than six weeks.

About Advanced Fertility Care

At Advanced Fertility Care, we have the utmost admiration for the women who decide to help others by donating their eggs.

It’s the philosophy of our practice that every donor is treated with the respect they deserve. From your initial meeting with our Donor Coordinator, you’ll see that we’re dedicated to your care.


We do not want to be the biggest fertility clinic in Arizona. In fact, we think smaller is better so we can focus on getting quality donors and the highest possible success rates to help more of our clients conceive.

"So incredibly grateful for this clinic. It’s become like a second home where I always feel welcome and well-treated. Dr. Larsen is so patient, kind, knowledgeable, and competent." -ARI