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Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) is a collection of treatment options used for couples with infertility that cannot be successfully treated using simpler and less aggressive methods. The main ART treatment is in vitro fertilization, also known as IVF or "test-tube babies." While IVF has excellent success rates, it is more invasive than artificial insemination, and it requires a significant investment of time and money. For all of these reasons, IVF can be stressful for patients.

At the Mesa, Scottsdale, and Phoenix AZ offices of Advanced Fertility Care, we understand this stress and we work with you to reduce your anxiety. One of the best ways to reduce the stress associated with IVF is by helping you understand and anticipate what you may expect as far as procedures and visits. We encourage you to learn more, freely ask questions of your medical team, and to watch or read additional educational resources. Understanding the applications for each procedure will help you obtain the appropriate treatment and maximize your chance for success.

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